Technical & Control Room

The STAR ALARMS technical department is extremely knowledgeable and at the helm of this department for the last five years is Louis Burger, an expert in the field of alarm installation.

STAR ALARMS Control Room is kitted out with the latest technology in signal receiving units and offers clients 3 possible points of contact:

  • Alarm Activation signal via TELEPHONE: The most effective signal but the slowest.
  • Alarm Activation signal via RADIO PAD: STAR ALARMS has its own radio frequency therefore there are no shared or jumbled signals
  • Alarm Activation signal via GSM (cellular telephone): The most expensive method but the best with regard to a combination of speed and effectiveness.


louis lifted
Louis Burger
Technical Division Manager


carin lifted

Carin Nortjie
Control Room Manager


Just a quick note to let you know that the alarm installation was completed last Friday and was done really well.  Actually, we are very impressed with our dealings with STAR Alarms in general.  Jody was well spoken and knowledgeable and was great to deal with during the quotation/design phase, not to mention extremely punctual.  I appreciated his calm yet eloquent disposition in my dealings with him, which was quite a few due to the complexity of the installation.  He responded to my various questions/queries quickly and resolutely whether via mail or phone.  This cannot be said of most service providers we have dealt with during our house renovation project!

 Phillip and his team (I hope I have his name right) were also fantastic during installation.  It was clear that they put immense consideration in everything that they did during the installation, planning the best route forward in all aspects.  He was punctual and delivered on his proposed scheduling of the required task.  His installation was neat and highly professional.  This also cannot be said of most service providers we have dealt with during our house renovation project!  We expect a high level of service from service providers and are often disappointed.  STAR alarms definitely met those expectations and I do not hesitate to recommend STAR Alarms as an installer.

 Having lived up-country for the past number of years we have dealt with other alarm/armed response companies, and STAR Alarms’ conduct has far exceeded that which we have experienced in the past.

GHeraldine Van Tromp