Rapid Response Feedback

Hello again,
I want to congratulate STAR ALARMS on their quick response and reaction to our alarm going off on Sunday evening at 12 o’clock. I heard knocking on my front door on the street – my dog’s went ballistic. As I listened I heard more knocking and then Ryans alarm went off. Within 5 minutes both the police and star alarms were outside and actually found the White guy still outside Ryans street door. We don’t know what the story was…Ryan thinks he was drugged up but he was thoroughly questioned and eventually moved off. If you can, please try and find out what his story was…….it is really nerve wrecking when something like that happens.

But full marks to Star Alarms and the police (I don’t know how they were involved?) They were amazing. Please pass this on to all concerned. We are very impressed!


Thank you very much for the fantastic service I’ve been receiving from STAR RAPID RESPONSE, your team has done great help on my safety with their prompt attendance and immediate calls as soon as the alarm system goes. Please be so kind and take the information of Mr. Douglas Quayle from people that should be advised as soon as the alarm goes off, as he no longer is part of the family, for three years.

Judite Freitas Costa

Dear Craig and the Team,

On behalf of Cape Town Studies we would like to thank you very much for the excellent response / service in the early hours of the morning of the 15th October 2009.

We still do not know what or why the alarm went off and why the front door was standing open, but guys you were professional and efficient, well done !

We also found the guys to be very smart and well turned out, very impressed.

Thanks once again and be safe out there.

Glenda McDonagh - Cape Town Studies

I would like to add that I am most impressed with the conduct of your response team who have assisted me whenever the alarm has been activated at the property. They are mindful of my safety, very thorough in their search of the premises and extremely polite and well mannered. Well done to them and well done to your company for employing such outstanding gentlemen!

Valerie Fouche

We have just had an arrest made outside our house in Bellingham Road, Table View, which appeared to be a attempted burglary.

Your armed response team was all over it and coming out of the security industry myself, it was absolutely awesome to see how well your team operated together with the SAP.

Well done guys, KEEP IT UP, this sure seems to be setting new standards for the other armed response companies in the area. I will most definitely be signing up to STAR ALARMS and would like to have my alarm moved over to your services.
It was also great to speak to all that was at the scene , thanks guys for all the advise , Roy Ventre & Mark Susdorf, I am serious about getting a community radio watch going in this area, please keep me in touch as to what will work best.

I used to work for doculam , now gone free lance , working from home for a month already and have started consulting from my home, so I am open to any new opportunities & would like to get involved in any way possible, especially with assisting our community to keep an eye on things and radio in anything suspicious, insurinhg that we are able to all work together to fight crime in our area.

Again Well done Star Alarms

Helmut Lippert - Bellingham Road, Table View

Around 01h30 this morning, the 16th of October 2008, I heard glass breaking at my premises, I looked out the window and noticed a
person in a striped shirt climbing over the neighbours wall. He then disappeared down the road. About half an hour later he reappeared across the road and was discussing two black boxes in a shopping trolley with a vagrant.

At 02h00 I called your response desk and asked for assistance and this is where the story of excellent service begins.

Firstly your man on the desk was very efficient in the way he handled the call. Secondly, the vehicle response time was less than a minute. The gents deployed were very efficient in the way they dealt with the individual and in the manner that they combed the area for stolen property. This stolen property included baby clothes, radios, DVD players, amplifiers etc.

I have in the past always had good service from STAR ALARMS but this will be remembered for a long time as being exceptional.
Please pass my congratulations on to the team and keep up the good work. Crime in our country is on an unacceptably high level and with this form of dedication I see success in reducing this scourge

Brian Rogers

Dear Star Alarms
We would like to thank your team for their efforts in the early hours of Saturday morning 30 August 2008.

One of your response guys (Jacques) was on his way to check someone else’s alarm when he noticed that our roller-door had opened. Your call centre was very efficient in notifying us and kept us informed as to what was going on. We rushed down to our business premises, realising what the consequences of the open roller-door could be. We found your response team Jacques, Bradley and Robert there. They had secured the premises and had waited for us to arrive.

A big thank you to these really friendly, helpful guys as well as the people at your call centre who are always friendly and a pleasure to deal with. We have been operating here in Killarney Gardens (Cape Town) since 1998. We have been clients of STAR ALARMS since day one and have always felt like we are in good hands where our security is concerned.

Jason Bacon

With reference to our conversation earlier, I would like to put into writing our sincere gratitude to you and your team for the way you responded to our alarm activation in the early hours of this morning.

It is always with a sense of great unease that you wake from sleep by the sound of one’s home alarm resonating throughout the house. Your call centre responded with great efficiency by phoning the cell numbers given and went further by phoning our emergency contact person when we failed to answer the above cell phone numbers.

Within seconds of this happening, your patrolman, Mr D. Snyman, arrived at our front gate. We must make special mention of the way he handled himself. He was courteous, well mannered, calm and above all made sure that our property was fully secured and that we were all OK before he departed in his vehicle.

We thank you and your team again and are proud to be associated with STAR ALARMS.

Glenn & Monique Knight

What a pleasure, if one could call it that, to have a burglary and know that one is in the hands of a company of your caliber, and staff like your control lady (who’s name has escaped me), Dewald and Andrè who were ultra efficient and particularly charming, a total credit to your company, please could you be kind enough to pass my heartfelt thanks to them again.

My history with armed response companies spans overabout 30 years, from Home Alarms as well as Hans DeLeur in Sea Point, and, my son owned a very successful armed response company named Zone Armed Response.

In the light of that, and, the third class service I received from the largest armed response company in the Western Cape (before we moved to yourselves)I write this letter.

Again my sincerest thanks.

Maxleigh Derman

Dear Karen,

I am writing to you with great gratitude for star alarms.

Yesterday I got home at 5 noticing that my neighbour’s door is open without their cars being there. I hooted in front of the house, when I received no response I realized that something wasn’t right. I went to the shop to buy airtime. On my way back I phoned 10111, the time was 17:10. I arrived back at home, went inside my house, keeping an eye on the open door of my neighbour’s house. My neighbour arrived about 18:20, while I am still waiting for the police. At about 19:10 I phoned Star Alarms for support as we still thought that there still might be people inside the house. It was a few minutes and Star Alarms patrol arrived. I asked the gentleman if he could please assist us by calling the Police for us, he informed us very politely and with tremendous respect that he will try his best. He spoke to your control room and it was in minutes that the police arrived!!!! I have joined Star Alarm in June 2008, after they broke into our house and ever since I have never had a bad experience ( I truly hope it stays that way).

Please will you give my thanks and appreciation to all staff involved? Please keep up the excellent work!!

PS. I came to discover that my panic button doesn’t send a signal out to the control room, can you please advice how I can get that fix and if it will cost anything

Lize De Beer

Dear Craig
I would just like to compliment you on the absolutely stunning service I received the other day when my house was broken into. The swift response from Morne and Dudley I am sure prevented us from losing anything at all .

Also they went beyond the bounds of duty to help us secure the house .

Thank you to all concerned it is with peace of mind that I can sleep at night knowing that your company is looking after us

Helen Heynike