Going Above and Beyond

Hello Craig,
Following our telephonic conversation I would like to thank the patrol van that spotted our garage door open at 04.00 and then alerted the switch board to call us.

It is indeed comforting knowing that our home is under surveillance because we have a “Star Alarm” sign up!

Many thanks again
Please keep up the good work

Frederick Smit

Hi Craig,

This is just a short note of special thanks to JP who came to my house on Friday morning after I experienced some trouble with my teenage son. I live at 21 A Blue Mountain Bay, Blouberg Sands. As a single parent, I resorted to calling Green Platoon to ask if they would assist if my son came to my house intoxicated in the middle of the night. JP came with and it was him in the end who spoke at length with my son. JP was also aware of the trouble my son caused earlier at Dolphin Ridge in Big Bay so he really is clued up with what is going on in the area.

He really cares about the community and I could see that his heart went out to us as he saw the struggles.

For me that was going beyond the call of duty and it was much appreciated.  Its not just a matter of apprehending criminals but also showing genuine care for the drug and alcohol problems that is so rife amongst the youth today and going the extra mile to help where he can.

Will you thank him again for me sincerely.

Shannon Ferreira - Accounts Development Executive UTI Sun Couriers

We have been STAR ALARM’s clients for just over two years, ever since hour house was broken into and my housekeeper and I were
robbed and beaten. We’ve had a few occasions whereby we have had to call upon your services in the last two years but they have mostly minor in nature.

Tonight, however, was different. We had the embarrassing misfortune of having locked ourselves in out master suite (we now have security gates inside the house as well) without taking the keys with us. We were stuck in the back of our house with no way out. We pondered our options – if we broke the window that would put us outside, in the dark, with no access to our well secured house and the kitchen where the keys are kept. We decided to call STAR, explain our situation and ask for assistance.

The response time was excellent after which your men climbed over our perimeter wall and were able to speak to us through our en suite shower window. We asked them to break a window we indicated would be the best to retrieve our keys.

I must commend these men for their professionalism and concern for our well-being. They were reluctant to break the window and leave our house unsecured for the night even though I told them that we could lock that wing of the house off from the rest of the place. Using only the tools that they had on hand, these gentlemen removed the 1 metre square glass pane from the window in one piece without a crack or scratch! Once they had released us they replaced the glass and wood strips holding it into place!

We were very impressed with their courtesy, professionalism, capability and obvious concern for our welfare.
Thanks for the quick response and your outstanding employees

Dawn & Nellan Govender

Dear Craig
Last week one of your response staff (Samuel) drove past my house and noticed that I had left my garage door open. He promptly made it his first priority to make sure we were safe and notified my wife that the door was open.

I find that this is not at all part of his job but this kind of service is AMAZING to have and gives me great confidence to know that my armed response company will go more than the extra mile to look after me and my family.

A great big thanks to you and your response team and especially Samuel.

Nolan Bruwer

I have been meaning to write you for some weeks to express my appreciation for excellent service from your armed response team.
My husband and I were looking after our daughter’s home while they were away. We had been out for the evening leaving the two dogs shut inside the house.

On our return around 21h00, we found that due to a power failure in the area we were unable to open the garage door with the remote. In addition, the front gate to the property was faulty due to resulting in us not having access to either the garden or the house. My husband and I are not young and fit enough to even think of climbing over walls so I phoned STAR ALARMS, explained the problem and asked if your staff would mind helping us.

Although there was no emergency, the officer arrived promptly, jumped over the garden wall opened the front door and managed to get the garage door working again from inside the house.

We are most appreciative of this gesture and would like to thank Star Alarms very much for going way beyond what they are contracted to do. We always recommend STAR ALARMS

Mrs JB Herbert

Good day Craig
I take this opportunity to bring to your attention the excellent service I received from one of your employees

On Tuesday evening 10th June the car I was driving broke down on my way back from Cape Town. My wheelchair bound mother was in the car with me and my first concern was for her safety. Morne of STAR ALARMS stopped to provide us with light, protection and to direct the traffic away from the broken down car. He stayed with us until my brother arrived to take my mother home.

Morne stood to gain nothing from his selfless actions and offered us a service above and beyond his call of duty.
To Morne I am truly grateful and also to the company that saw fit to employ him in the first palce. I will make it my business to recommend STAR ALARMS every chance I get.

Once again a big thank you and I wish success to STAR ALARMS and to Morne.

Mr Hingston

Hi Craig

Last night my Wife and Niece were stuck due to a problem with my Car in Blouberg Road. The Car just wouldn’t start at the Robot.

While many other motorists passed by Morne immediately stopped to offer assistance.

He was calm and waited for me to arrive while there was no such expectation from my wife.

This is just to say a big thank you and to commend him for being so helpful and considerate.

Please do pass this message onto Morne. He’s a great Guy!!

Solly Regional Service Manager Converged Solutions

Dear Craig & Jody and all STAFF members at STAR ALARM.

Many thanks for your excellent service again during the past year!!!

The many clients whom I have referred to you have told me how happy they are with your service.

Please do pass this message onto Morne. He’s a great Guy!!

Monica & Lize Clark

I am not sure that this is the correct email address, but I just want to convey my thanks to your staff for the exceptional service they have given and I want to apologise for the number of false alarms you receive.

We recommend you to as many people as possible due to your service and there is one gentleman whose name I do not have now, that always comes out to check on our property that I wish to thank.

The houses surrounding me are all monitored by GSS & ADT, it is good to see Star Alarms vehicles in our road as I never see GSS or ADT vehicles in our road.

Please also extend my thanks to the ladies in the control room for their prompt service.

Louis Basson - Mercedes-Benz Culemborg

Once again I would like to thank you and your company as the service we have had from Star. To date this has exceeds that of Chubb and ADT.

Security is clearly of utmost importance especially to two women and your company has made us feel that you understand that. We are not just a number or a new account but actual people that are given care and consideration. How refreshing.

Carol Anne

Just a word of thanks to your excellent staff, from the controllers to the officers, who attended to my needs on the evening of 15 December 2009.

At about midnight 15 December I was not feeling very well and asked my wife to get me to hospital as soon as possible.  It came as a shock to her and I immediately told her to push the panic button on the alarm.  Within minutes your officers arrived and assisted us in a very professional way that made me feel more at ease at the time.  When ER24 did not arrive within 5 minutes my wife assisted me to Netcare Hospital herself.  Your officers offered to take me to hospital in their patrol car and made sure my wife was calm and safe when she followed by car.  The officers involved were Dudley Botha, Brian Michaels, Andre Linder and Morne Veldsman.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff on a job well done and will recommend your services to anyone interested. Not in my wildest dreams did I expect there be such a professional service still available. I ended up at Netcare N1 having a major heart bypass. Thanks for having a hand in saving my life.

Mr FJ Snyman