The History Of Star Alarms

star oldSTAR ALARMS was established in 1981 by Joe Van Rensburg as a small family operated business that only installed alarms. Star Alarms and Rapid Response and has since grown exponentially in reputation and size to become one of the most successful alarm and armed response companies in the Western Cape.

What started as a garage based business with approximately 100 clients grew steadily when Joe’s sons Craig and Jody joined the operation assisting with the installation of alarms. Star Alarms now had 2 installation vehicles and approximately 300 clients. star new

In 1998 it was time to move into an office and Joe, Craig and Jody built Star’s 1st control room from where their clients’ alarms could be monitored shortly after that. Craig eventually took over sales as the staff compliment had grown to 10 and there were
now 3 installation vehicles on the road. 

In 2003 Star opened their Rapid Response division resulting in Jody moving into sales and Craig moving into a more office driven position to start managing the staff. In 2004 Star Alarms needed to move to bigger premises (our current headquarters) and today we have 22 vehicles and employ 60 staff.